Butt Camp for Cash Flow

My internet mentor, Tom Antion, is holding his Butt Camp April 27th in Las Vegas. The cost is $297.00. For those who may need to jump start your cash flow I highly recommend this session. Tom’s session is exhaustive and a bit overwhelming but highly informative and you will walk out with ideas that you can implement immediately.

Tom’s program is not a get rich quick scheme-so, only go if you are willing to do the work, and it is work! You will get an excellent overview on how to use the internet to make money, who is making money and how they are doing it.

Depending on your work status, you can do this full time or in your spare time. When I attended I knew very little about search engines, keyword optimization, links, etc and I had a huge learning curve-but it has been worth it.

Full Disclosure: I have no money interest in this announcement, I just think it might be a good opportunity form some 🙂

Steve Mertz
Butt Camp Survivor!

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