Buy Starbuck’s @ 15% Discount to Market Value? All Day!!

I had the greatest conversation with one of my favorite Starbuck’s (SBUX) employee today-next to my daughter, Kirstin! She was on break and I asked her if she had started buying Starbuck’s at her employee discount of 15%….Not yet. Then she paused, and said Steve we don’t have any money, we live paycheck to paycheck. She is twenty something and recently married. We are waiting to start investing when we have a lump sum of money. I told her there was never, ever, a good time to start the investing habit! I also noted that my clients who weren’t savers in their twenties were not savers in their 30’s or 40’s. But most importantly, if your true self feels that you just work, live payday to payday-it kills your spirit and that internal voice will sabotage you! You have to reward yourself and pay yourself first! She felt she had missed the Big move in Starbuck’s, and they could only afford $25 a pay check-would it make any difference? It will make all the difference in the world my friend. She promised to sign up this afternoon. Please take the time today and offer a hand up to some one who needs a little encouragement to start the journey-You will feel terrific inside 🙂

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