Career Training-You’re Fired!

I’m probably the last to know that Donald Trump fired Carolyn Kepcher from his show-but it reminds everyone about having a plan B. I’ve never been a fan of Trump and have always thought of him as a sleaze ball-what little I did know of Carolyn, I liked.
Carolyn is a great example of a relative unknown who gains her own celebrity status and has a boss whose ego won’t allow that. It happens everyday in the corporate world but without the fanfare. The New York Times aptly named their article on Carolyn’s firing: Too Big For Your Boss.

Trump, explained: “Carolyn was very good.” “I like Carolyn. What I did was for her own good.” Gee Donnie…You are such a peach! I like what Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, a professor at Yale School of Management said: “

Feeling jealous of a protege’s success is a classic syndrome of a boss whose identity is so fused with his job and position, he can’t imagine himself as anything else.”

I do wish Carolyn, and many others in a similar position, the best! It reminds me of a post I made this May called: Do You Have Your Freedom Fund? Whether you get fired or just can’t wait to tell your boss to stick it-It’s nice to have some cash in reserve!

Steve Mertz
Never Trust a Man With a Dead Fish Handshake!

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