Carnival of Personal Finance #53 Celebrates One Year Anniversary!

Happy Birthday to the Carnival of Personal Finance-the brainchild of one of my favorite bloggers, Flexo of Consumerism Commentary. It is only fitting that the founder is also the host of this weeks Carnival of Personal Finance.

There are a lot of great entries this week as well as a look back from a year ago. I have an entry in this weeks Carnival titled Venture Capitalists Don’t Wear Dresses. These were some of my observations about the demographics of Venture Capitalists. I also give some guerilla networking tips when you attend conferences. My post from a year ago is titled: You Gotta Want It! I was reflecting on my 5am morning swim that I take three times a week with a masters swim group. It’s gruelling but very rewarding. I talk about the discipline that you have in one area of your life being applied to other areas. In my case, the discipline and transformative event which led me to seek financial independence.

Enjoy this weeks Carnival of Personal Finance and a special thanks to Flexo, the founder and this weeks host!!

Steve Mertz
Happy Birthday Carnival of Personal Finance!

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