Carnival of Personal Finance #7

Welcome to the 7th edition of the carnival of Personal Finance and to In Cash Flow We Trust. The Carnival is a sampling of some of the best articles from top personal finance bloggers over the past week. I’ve read them and learned from them and feel you will too. Last week’s edition was hosted by Free Money Finance and next week’s will be hosted by Flexo at Consumerism Commentary. Buckle your seat belts and enjoy!

Favorite Personal Finance Books

Free Money Finance shares with you favorite personal finance books by top personal finance bloggers-A great read and one of my favorites.

About Me (More)

Jonathan, at My Money Blog offers some insights about his financial past and the part his parents played in shaping it-Very insightful.

All Bubbles Burst

Jon at Smart Money Daily offers some thought provoking strategies for a bubble burst in real estate-A must read!

Hands Off The 401(k)

Flexo, our next week’s host of the carnival, has a great article at Consumerism Commentary. He discusses options aroung the 401(k) and great information on the new Roth 401(k).

10 Ways to Burst The Real Estate Bubble

Madame X at My Open Wallet offers some unique thoughts on how we might be pro active in bringing down real estate prices-I’m sensing a theme here.

Bonds And Real Returns

The Real Returns offers a great review of the current low rates offered by bonds today and the fact that they don’t provide real returns to today’s investors!

Kids’ Allowances

Alan at Canadian Home Financial and Opinions offers us some practical advice on this matter

An In-Depth Look At A Charity’s Estate Planning Primer

Tick Marks looks at assertions made in a charity’s estate planning brochure-The good and the Bad-Don’t miss this!

Shady Practices of Financial Institutions

Jim, at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity lists a few of the shady practices various credit cards and banks use to deceive you and ding you for fees or other charges-Reader’s experiences are encouraged!

A List of Mortgage Provider Red Flags

Dan at Searchlight Crusade offers timely information every consumer needs.

The Psychology Behind Store Layouts

Dawn at Frugal for Life shares a great series on that Money thing! Great read!

Tax Man Blues

The Happy Capitalist takes an amused look at Wayne Newton’s IRS problems and the creative argument that this lavish lifestyle be deductible-Right!

Money 101

JLP at All Things Financial offers a great series on Money Matters.

State Sales Tax Holidays

Nickel at Five Cent Nickel offers a comlete list of upcoming tax holidays!

Brown-Bag It Half a Million

Frank at Hello, Dollar shows the merits of brown-bagging your lunch to a half-million

Thanks so much for coming by and enjoying the great posts this week. Steve

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  1. Dane Carlson says:

    Excellent carnival. Good work!

  2. Monty Loree says:

    I’m curious.. how do I get listed on this carnival? I’ll write special material if required.

    It’s a great referral mechanism.

  3. Flexo says:

    Thanks for hosting, Steve!

    Monty, you can find out about submitting an article here.

  4. ~Dawn says:

    Thanks for hosting Steve

  5. Karen says:

    Not only is this a great referral tool for authors that wish to be featured, but I personally love it because 1) it offers valuable info all in one place, and 2) it’s brought some excellent PF blogs I was unaware of to my attention. Thanks!

  6. Steve Mertz says:

    Thanks to all the bloggers for your hard work and to all you readers who stopped by-we appreciate your support! Maria, my assistant had some technical problems this morning-and should be fired but I’ll give her one more chance đŸ™‚ Maria

  7. Tim says:

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  8. sunfire3297 says:

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