Carnival of Personal Finance Is Up!

This weeks Carnival of Personal Finance is being hosted at My Fist Million. There are 48 entries this week and should appeal to a lot of varied financial interests.

One that caught my eye was from Flexo of the infamous Consumerism Commentary. His post is concerning selling some vintage books on eBay! Flexo notes that eBay has recently raised fees and decides that rather than selling them on eBay he will use his blog as a conduit to sell these vintage books-A brilliant move in my opinion for Flexo to use his blog for additional Cash Flow!

But let’s look a little closer about the benefits of establishing a presence on eBay-it is still the lead dog for selling items and making a lot of stay at home entrepreneurs into millionaires! It can also be a great source of new readers for your blog and other products you may choose to sell! By having a presence on eBay you are increasing your cyber real estate which is always a good thing! Yes, their fees have gone up but see if there might be a way for you to use an eBay presence to further your Cash Flow ventures!

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