Carnival of Personal Finance Up at 2Million

The 48th Carnival of Personal Finance is being hosted this week at 2million-My Journey to Financial Freedom! I like the fact that 2million is shooting for $2 Million instead of that boring $1 Million dollar mark!

The Carnival provides some excellent overviews this week of Personal Finance, Savings & Investing, Real Estate, Credit Card Debt and Online Income. Great articles by some hard working bloggers!

I have an entry in this weeks Carnival of Persoanl Finance called Do You Have Your Freedom Fund? I was shocked to say the least when the sales manager who hired me at Merrill Lynch, was now telling me to establish a F* You fund-as a first priority! Turned out it was some of the best advice I ever received. He stressed building this fund with 3-6 months worth of savings-for that rainy day. Great advice and something I encourage others to consider!

Go over to 2million and enjoy a lot of great material!

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