Cash Flow At a Steep Premium!

I have to check my junk mail file daily because of the amount of email that comes to me daily. Many good email don’t make it through the filters. One junk email that caught my eye was “Receive Funds Fast and Early”-so I clicked on it! Why? I knew nothing about this service and thought it might be a possible affiliate program. Here’s what happened. I applied for $200.00, not the $1500.00 they were offering me. The application took a few minutes and within 10 minutes everything was approved and the money was in my account that same day at midnight. Paying back the money the next day was also a snap. The price of poker? $60 for that 1 day loan.

Please understand that I’m not advocating that you take these loans out-The interest rate is pretty sweet, wouldn’t you agree? Rather, I wanted to know if I did become an affiliate-how exactly did this work. Bottom Line: I’m impressed by the ease and efficiency and Appalled by the interest rates!

Steve Mertz
This Research Was Expensive!

PS Although I have a very inquisitive mind when it comes to cash flow propositions I will not be checking out all my junk email offers: 0% Apr Forever, Approved Immediately, Real Estate Secret’s, New Rolex Replica, Horny Housewives…etc
However, if anyone cares to submit a review on these burning deals let me know 🙂

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