Cash Flow from a Dead Dog?

John Grogan received $200,000 for selling his manuscript to the publisher, William Morrow! You may have seen or read the book called Marley & Me. It has spent the last three months on the best-seller lists….But that isn’t the real story. Everyone of us who has ever suffered the loss of a pet knows just how hard the loss can be-but I never thought about writing a book. John Grogan didn’t go right out and write the book either. Instead, he wrote a proposal about the story idea. Too many potential authors feel they have to write the book first, WRONG! Potential publishers love to see a proposal-some of them can run 30-50 pages in length. What are they looking for you may ask? 1. A good story line is a must. 2. Marketing-what are you, the author, going to do to support book sales after I give you this $200,000!! If you can convince the publisher that you will write, speak, blog etc.. To get buzz you will increase your chances dramatically. I haven’t read the book but I hope this gives you some ideas on another source of passive income-Royalties are good!!

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