Cash Flow from a Merchant Account

Many bloggers have noted the crushing debt that high school and college students are buried under-so, I won’t rehash that topic.But here is a suggestion that I am making to more parents and students in my speaking engagements-open up a merchant account. I had forgotten what a pain in the Fanny it was to open a merchant account until I did so last week for another one of my sites. But, I think it is a great way to teach young people about debt and cash flow. Here’s why-By opening up a merchant account and having a simple web site to sell a product you are now on the receiving end of cash flow instead of racking up a ton of debt on the plastic. I can’t tell you how empowering it is to get a weekly statement from and see the money coming in to my bank account. Is there a better lesson we can teach to young adults? One of my heroes in the blog world is Neville. This guy is a master of change and takes a load of punishment sometimes with his ideas-but, I’d bet he will be successful. He has several discussions at his site on his online activities and his merchant account-good reading! I think for those in a position to influence young adults it may be worth considering helping them establish a web site with a merchant account so they can see the cash flow come in vs going out. The best thing that could happen though would be to silence once and for all that annoying woman who talks about young, fabulous and broke!! Do your part-find creative ways to wipe out debt šŸ™‚

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  1. Seattle Simplicity says:

    Hi Steve, this post of yours took me over to Neville’s blog, which inspired me to start an ecommerce business – something I’d thought about for a while but never bothered to do. Maybe I’ll start a second blog describing all the painful steps I go through to accomplish that task…

  2. Chris says:

    Good point, although, being an internet marketer myself with a full-time income from the web, it’s a bit easier said than done…

    First of all, you need to have three things:

    1) A product that sells, and is in demand.

    2) The ability to compete in that market and drive targeted traffic to the site with an effective ROI (return on investment, either for time or money)

    3) The ability and infrastructure to deliver said goods to your customer.

    While this is a great endeavour, I would actually recommend that students and others that may be in debt and looking for additional cash-flow begin by learning how to make money online first as one of the following:

    * An affiliate, sharing in the profits of an existing vendor

    * An info-preneur, delivering PDF infoproducts on networks like ClickBank and even Ebay (this eliminates having to deal with a hard inventory, shipping, etc.)

    * Making money from content and traffic with Google Adsense, which can be extremely profitable if you have enough traffic in the right niche(s)

    The three above strategies represent a much easier entry into a marketplace with an extremely steep learning curve.

    Because just as important as cash-flow is learning how to build a BUSINESS – and not just another “job”.

    And this means, learning the basics and rythm of how marketing psychology works in the realm of web marketing, while learning how to leverage your time – and others’ time – so as to set up your business so that you can work ON it, and not IN it.

    Because nothing is better than consistent, continual, RESIDUAL profits being generated by a mixture of e-products with instant delivery, adsense revenue and affiliate recommendations to your subscribers and customers.

    Think of it as “virtual real-estate”.

    But simply getting a merchant account and selling something will not create cash-flow for you if you have no idea how to market a website or maximize your leads and customers.

    And besides, you should be using PayPal,, and similar providers until your volume can justify the flexibility needed from an actual merchant service.

    This is just my opinion, but being as I’ve been successfully marketing to niche markets for the past 2 years, I’m not saying this lightly.


    Chris Rempel
    The Ultimate Small Business Merchant Account

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