Cash Flow from Blogging

Would you pay $97 a year to learn the secrets of gaining weight? Well, so far 800 people have ponied up $97 a piece to learn these secrets at!! That’s over $77,000 American dollars 🙂 I’ve never had a problem with putting on weight but I salute skinnyguy for turning his blog into a cash flow machine!

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  1. Jane Dough says:

    It is amazing the amount of money folks are making on the internet. BusinessWeek has an article about Personal Finance bloggers – one blogger is making over $1,000 a month just with his google adsense ads. I know most don’t reach this level of success, but still – wow!

    Post about Business Week article

  2. Anthony Ellis says:

    This was a New York Times error. The article states that there are 800 paying members of the private forum, when in fact there are over 18,000 paying members of the private forum.

    The NY Times has since printed a correction for this “minor” error 🙂

    A. Ellis

  3. Tim MMF says:

    Oh, crazy! That guy won Muscle Media’s Body For Life challenge the first year they had it! I remember seeing that guy on the video when Bill Phillips went to see him and tell him he won. Crazy. Now he’s making bank. Good deal.

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