Cash Flow from my Rolex?

I admit it…I made an impulse purchase in August. That new Rolex Submariner just called out to me. $4725.00 (cash) later-it was all mine. After all, a man needs a watch to be punctual for those speaking engagements, Right! Yeah!! So, this morning I am trying a new experiment in my local newspaper. I placed an add to sell my Rolex for $3900 with the buyer putting down $2800 and OWC the $1100. I will feel less guilty about this purcahse if I can make some money off the interest I will charge. Hey, don’t know if it will work but I found an irrestiable deal on a Rolex stainless steel Daytona. On my last Daytona adventure I purchased the watch on a Friday for $6000 and sold it on Monday for $9000. I’ll let you know if my experiment works! 🙂

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