Cash Flow from Networking

Cash flow opportunities have been discussed here before with some specific phrases to increase your networking prowess. David Cowan is a venture capitalist and a co-founder of Verisign and several other companies and knows a ton about having a great “elevator speech”. As I’ve mentioned before-there is nothing more important than having a great elevator speech when you have an opportunity to talk about financial ideas. David shares some great ideas: 1. Show Some Leg Right Away-The primary goal of an elevator pitch is to intrigue someone to learn more. Like that novel you buy on impulse at the airport, the first sentence has to grab you. One way to do that is to highlight the enormity of the problem you are tackling…. 2. Don’t Make Them Think Too Hard
Though it’s okay to start with the problem, never indulge in more than a sentence to describe it, no matter how juicy it is. 3. Science Not Allowed In The Elevator-Keep it simple you can impress them with your extensive knowledge/research later(my comments)
4.Establish Credibility. Name Dropping Allowed-Is there a well known name associated with your project any mention of you and your ideas in national publications? This is the time to name drop! Imagine the thousands of ideas that David hears and sees in a year. By following his hints you will be able to distinguish yourself from others who have not made the effort to have a fabulous elevator speech detailing your cash flow idea!

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