Cash Flow Ideas-That Did Not Work!

Thanks to Shoemoney for sharing his 10 biggest busts on the road to financial success! Shoemoney is one of those sharp “propeller heads” that I enjoy reading and learning about SEO techniques. I’m going to summarize his top ten busts so you don’t include them in our cash flow contest!!
Most of these involve buying domain names as we have discussed here:
10. 10 – FireFox Forum (
9. –
8. Pimp My Blog
6. SMS Text Dating
5. St. MarryÂ?s Bar & Grill
4. 2 Topless Chix In A Ferrari Cross Country
3. Ads Or Not
2. ShoeMoney SEO Contest
1. ShoeMoney Petroleum Company –

I will already give Shoemoney an honorable mention in the Cash Flow Contest because he has the tenacity and creativity to keep trying to find great cash flow ideas. Really, his examples prove the power of the web and blogs-a medium that allows you to test your best ideas and get some fairly immediate feedback from the internationall community!

Steve Mertz
Test Your Cash Flow Ideas!

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