Cash Flow Monday

This is a great idea! Kit Cowperthwaite is a realtor, realtors always have clients ask them for referrals for contractors, right? But as a realtor, you may be afraid to give a referral lest the contractor turns out to be a bust and the realtor ends up as a villain! Here’s is simple solution. He created a web site for realtors and homeowners. The realtor pays $10 a month to add the site to their web page, branding it as their own site-a nice benefit for their clients. The page features various contractors that have been referred by satisfies clients and puts the oneous on the homeowner to pick the contractor most suitable for their needs.

How could this idea add Cash Flow to your cause?

Let’s assume you are at work right now reading this. Maybe you dislike your job or you haven’t achieved the level of success you want and need! Is there an opportunity for you to take your current knowledge and put some buyers and sellers together? Kit’s site got 333,626 hits in February alone. Even if he only had Google ads on this site he is bound to make some nice cash flow. Think what a vicious dog eat dog industry the real estate industry is-most don’t make it. But, if you take your knowledge and look at it in a different way maybe you too can be successful in an industry that you were struggling in. Check out Kit’s site and then go find some web traffic and get in the middle of it! 🙂

Steve Mertz
Director, Cash Flow Ideas

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