Cash Flow Strategies Continued

Yesterday, I showed you the cash flow strategy from Tom Antion. His one page site of wedding toasts. Today, here is the natural progression of getting married…Yes, Instant Eulogies. He basically, used the same format, he used an inexpensive web template and once again, had someone from Elance write the eulogies. This site brings in even more money than wedding toasts-it brings in $43,000 a year of passive income. This site it also an Ebook-so everything is automatic. So, any one of us could have a full time job and come home in the evening and check our earnings. The nice thing about the web is it allows us to get constant feedback. We can test an idea and change something if it isn’t working. We can continue to tweak it until it’s at optimum performance. Wouldn’t it be nice if financial planning were this easy!! Well, here you go-another cash flow idea. Please feel free to share anything that has worked for you. Go find some traffic and enjoy the journey!

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