Children’s Photography Denver

Jenny Biggers is the creative genius behind J. Biggers Photography! Jenny is one of the best photographers in Denver when it comes to capturing those memories of a life time. She has three main area of focus including:

  • Children’s Photography
  • Pet Photography
  • Family Photography

Jenny does spectacular work and you can see some of her children’s photography of Denver here. Fortunately, she also has some great photos of family photography poses, newborn photography and one of my favorites, pet photography! In this hectic life we all live today it’s really easy not to take pictures of these very special events-it’s hard enough just getting the family, pets and kids together at the same time-much less think about great photography. That’s where Jenny comes in-she comes to you with her bubbly personality and her keen eye. The most active kids and pets will melt in Jenny’s hands while she does her magic behind the camera!

Jenny works as a freelance photographer based out of Denver, Colorado and you can reach her at 303-946-7431

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