Chris Rock-Rich Vs Wealthy/Bling Bling Syndrome

I hope you have had the opportunity to listen to Chris Rock’s preview-it was hard work for my Computer Guru,Kaina, to edit the language! Chris Rock goes on to blame his people for being too obsessed with Bling to enjoy true prosperity and more importantly, pass it on to others. Please consider purchasing his DVD because you will laugh(very Important) and think about “Your People”. My People were disabled and at a very young age I turned away from this crowd because of the helpless & hopeless attitude that many had. Don’t get me wrong I have since befriended many with disabilities but that is not my main criteria-it was very hard turning away from my people and seeking out others who could help me on my financial journey, Change is very uncomfortable. I invite you to step out of your comfort zone-and challenge yourself to do something This Week to help yourself on your journey to prosperity. Please share with us what you are doing so others can also prosper. Check out this site for thoughts on prosperity it’s my speaker buddy, Randy Gage. Check out my buddy Jack Canfield for a great tape series on Self-Esteem & Peak Performance-I listen to it today for a pick-up! Enjoy

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  1. Mi says:

    I will tell you that Jack’s book is transforming me into someone I enjoy being around – Do you have the tapes? Do you know anyone that has purchased them? I really think I could benefit from them. Did I tell you I am running the Denver Downtown 1/2 Marathon – I wouldn’t have said yes to this 2 months ago…

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