Have You Done a Credit Check on Your Fiancee?

Do You Take advice from Complete Strangers?

I was doing my bit to stimulate the economy today while shopping at Target-just some odds and ends. I’m walking down the bath and body soap aisle, yes, I still believe in using soap when I noticed a woman smelling the body soaps and looking perplexed. I casually said lot’s of choices.

She looked at me and said I’m buying this for my fiancee, most of these are pretty much in your face! I suggested one that I have used in the past and kept for guests to use as well. Then I said:

Well, have you done the obligatory background and credit check-just jokingly. She said no, we’re so compatible but why do you suggest the credit check? I told her I was just being a smart aleck however, if there is one thing that can cause immediate marital problems it’s all about the finances.

I suggested if I were ever to get married again; I would want to know where my second starter wife to be, was financially and more importantly, do we have similar views and practices on money matters. She thanked me, and told me that was one suggestion she was going to take from a total stranger in the aisles of Target! We then went our separate ways…

Would you give similar advice to a complete stranger? Has this issue ever crept up quickly in your relationship?

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