Credit Score Tips and Great Housing Bargains

My buddy, Larry Russell, has some good tips on how to Raise Your Credit Score in 45 Days-If everything else could be this easy! They are timely tips and a good reminder for all of those who may be getting ready to do a little home buying. I know, it sounds weird to be talking about buying a new home in this time of worrying about the real estate bubble getting worse…But this is a great time! Larry’s specialty is the Parker, Colorado area-about 15 minutes South of Denver. I have been watching this area to see how it would be affected by the real estate foreclosures here in Colorado. Now I know, a friend of mine just closed on his home just outside of Parker, last week. He got a brand new custom home, 5,000 square feet on five acres for just a touch north of $500,000! The home is gorgeous and has a great feel to it.
I’m sure that other bargains like this are going to start popping up all over the country so get your credit house in order, find a good realtor and good shopping!

Steve Mertz
What Housing Bubble?

2 Responses to “Credit Score Tips and Great Housing Bargains”

  1. Larry Nusbaum says:

    One more tip: Dump the credit cards and revloving consumer (fraud) accounts altogether.

  2. minimum wage says:

    A health collapse (complete with hospitalization, extended inability to work, and loss of income) several years ago tanked my credit. I’m back to work, toiling for minimum wage, but can’t resolve those credit problems on that level of income. (I have two credit issues which won’t go away until resolved, and I can’t resolve them on my income.)

    The passage of time has lifted my scores 25, 50, and 100 points respectively with the three bureaus, but my scores are still subprime and I don’t see how to get them out of the tank on my income.

    Does your buddy know something which could help me?

    p.s. I am a baby boomer so I don’t exactly have all the time in the world to work with.

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