Denver Automobile Accident Lawyers

Denver, Colorado is known as the Mile High City. It comes as no surprise to Denver drivers that because of the city’s elevation, we can see huge temperature swings. That beautiful morning can turn into a raging blizzard by rush hour and can cause a multitude of car wrecks.

A check of police records finds that the section of Interstate 25 between Santa Fe and Interstate 70 is the most dangerous stretch of interstate in the Denver area.

According to Denver police: “It’s not surprising because there’s a quarter million cars per day that are jamming through this one little section of I-25 and people are going to get on each other’s nerves.”

According to Denver police records the cause of the vast majority of car wrecks is following too closely. Other frequent causes of automobile crashes include illegal or improper lane changes, reckless or aggressive driving and speeding. This also causes a lot of work for Denver Automobile Accident Lawyers!

Denver has many outstanding lawyers and attorneys that specialize in auto wrecks. Like many cities, Denver continues to grow and just driving across town can be a major undertaking. That is why we offer this directory of Denver Automobile Accident Lawyers. You have an opportunity to research a lawyers credentials and auto accident experience. You can then choose to speak with lawyers that are located in a close proximity to your work or home without wasting a lot of time driving.

 Many of the cases that Denver personal injury attorneys see are the result of auto wrecks. All auto accident lawyers are not created equal. We screen our lawyers for their actual auto accident experience and whether they will be working with you or if your case will be handled by an associate. We also look for lawyers that have the expertise and wherewithal to take your case to trial if needed.

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