Denver Waxing

Miranda Olinger is the hard working owner of Denver Waxing! She has been waxing Denver for 7 years now. Denver Waxing has primarily catered to women in the past but more and more men are finding their way into Denver Waxing.

Men tend to like full body waxing and many of them are athletes-but wait, more men are going into Denver Waxing for the infamous Brazilian Waxing treatment! Many of their ladies are encouraging them to do a certain amount of manscaping, up to and including the Brazilian Wax. The Brazilian wax is by far the most popular service for all of the gorgeous ladies of Denver!!

Denver Waxing is located in downtown Denver at 2185 Broadway-Denver, Co. 80205 with plenty of street parking. If you have thought about waxing then I would recommend that you go visit Denver Waxing!

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