Do You Test Your Investment Strategies?

Have you ever had someone “call you out” and challenge you to prove what you are doing is working…In your financial or personal endeavors? Meet Sarabeth-yes she has the honey smooth southern drawl, blonde hair, blue eyes and a shade over five feet tall! I met Sarabeth from my Masters swim group. We meet three times a week at 5am for a full blown workout. Even though I walk on crutches because of spinal cord damage-I love working out with these big dogs. Every single one of them is better than me and challenges me to do my best every time. Sarabeth is kind enough to give me periodic feedback on how fruitful my efforts have been. It started when I was running my mouth and Sarabeth challenged me to a 50 meter race-The day was Valentine’s day, and now I have a new appreciation for the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. Well, Sarabeth is a tri-athlete, who only plays for the number one slot and she kicked my behind from Denver to San Diego and back…Thanks Sarabeth. This gave me an immediate opportunity to evaluate my training. More on this later. What would happen if a Sarabeth challenged you to prove that your financial strategy was indeed going to provide you lasting prosperity? I constantly hear people tell me they are saving for retirement-some are “aggressively” saving for retirement! Let’s take a quick snapshot of your efforts. Whether your portfolio is stocks, real estate, royalties or other entrepreneurial endeavors, look at it now and answer this question. Does your portfolio throw off enough in dividends & interest to pay for your yearly Starbucks outing? The average American now spends $1,500-$1,800 dollars a year @ Starbucks! Here’s a cold fact-people don’t like change and if your strategy isn’t creating cash flow toady you will not be inclined to change strategies later…When you retire.

I will be the first to confess that over the years my physical challenges had dulled my athletic competitive desires. This easily spread into other areas of my life-accepting second best, not admitting that I wanted to be the lead dog. Please don’t fall into this trap!

I’ll tell you the changes I have made in my quest to give Sarabeth a better race. I’ve lost fifteen pounds. I’m working with a strength coach in addition to getting additional training from my swimming coach. When I’m at practice I have a new commitment to work harder and play harder afterwards. What changes might be appropriate for you to consider in your portfolio’s health?

PS. Sarabeth, I apologize for grabbing your leg as you blew past me. Next time…I’ll hang on tighter 🙂

4 Responses to “Do You Test Your Investment Strategies?”

  1. Flexo says:

    Almost $2,000 at Starbucks! That’s crazy! I probably waste a nice amount of money (hopefully not quite that much) in other silly endeavors, though.

  2. Steve Mertz says:

    I’m guilty-but it’s interesting that Starbucks has become America’s new front porch-I see all my regulars everyday. I also see a lot of business getting done-myself included!

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