Does Approachability Increase Cash Flow

I had the pleasure of being on a conference call last evening with Scott Ginsberg. aka “That guy with the nametag.” Scott wears that nametag 24/7 and I always wondered why? He wears it because it makes people friendlier and feel more approachable. As you can imagine Scott is a special person and people do find him very approachable. Being approachable is certainly one of his major themes and because of his approachability he is an author and speaker…And generates nice cash flow from his efforts. You know that I’m a raving fan of being approachable and making people feel comfortable around you. It not only makes you great friends that you would not otherwise have made but it can certainly help you in your career and increase your financial success! Scott also has a blog called Hello My Name Is Blog. Check him out and brush up on your approachability.

Steve Mertz
Approachable in Colorado

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