Domain Names as Money Makers

One of my favorite Rolex WatchesI received an email last month from Justin. He says:

Hey Steve. Good thing i found you. I also received an email on behalf of Rolex for registering the domain name (not disclosed for privacy). I would love to know how it was resolved. I can’t get  a hold of anyone and the attorney that sent it is gone for a while.

Justin found me because of a post I had written back in March of 2006 concerning Domain Name Infringement. I had purchased the domain name Rolex Watch Leasing because of my passion for mechanical watches and I thought there might be a market for leasing Rolex watches….boy, was I naive 😉

Long story short, I got the cease and desist letter from Rolex and since I did not renew the domain name or host the website with the domain name; they did not pursue the matter. Just beware of this little lesson before you go out and waste your money on a great domain name!


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