Don’t Plagiarize-Follow Up

Will Kaavya Viswanathan, the 19 year old Harvard sophomore, have to give back her $500,000 book advance…Looks like she might skate on this one. In my previous post of Personal Finance Tip-Don’t Plagiarize, I raised the question of returning the money.
However, in today’s New York Times the publishing house says it will not sue Ms. Voswanathan for breach of contract. The article, First, Plot and Character. Then, Find an Author offers some very interesting insights for any of my readers who have ever aspired to write a book and receive royalties! It was a real eye opener for me to discover that some of these publishers are run like “puppy mills.” It’s also interesting to note how much money publishers are willing to fork out for the next hit. This Sunday books created by Alloy will be ranked at Nos. 1, 5 and 9 on the New York Time’s children’s paperback best-seller list.

Sharpen those pencils and get writing!

Steve Mertz
Children’s Best Selling Author…To Be!

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