eBay-Cash Flow Fortune?

In my endless pursuit to bring you the finest ideas in financial prosperity I hired an internet mentor. His name is Tom Antion, and this foray set me back $5,000. But, I always wanted to know if anyone besides the porn sites were making significant money on the net. The answer is yes and in Tom’s teleclass tomorrow evening he will be interviewing Adam Ginsberg. Adam is a “Titanium Power Seller” on eBay-having sold over $20,000,000 Million American Dollars on eBay in the last three years! This is the announcement that Tom sent out as well as a place for you to register.
The conference is scheduled for 8:00 PM Eastern Time, Tuesday, March 21st
I look forward to learning about earning cash flow from eBay, as I have never tried this method of personal finance yet.

PS. I am not receiving any dough for making this announcement, Tom is too cheap, are you reading this Tom?

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