Executive Coaching Retreat Overview Part II

Here are some specific recommendations I made to this client. 1. We developed a cogent,written, one paragraph financial exit strategy-everything else flows from this statement. 2. My client now knows exactly how much cash flow her portfolio is generating-before she had no idea. You know this is a huge No, No with me. 3. We are setting up her own site for her portfolio-where she can tell at a glance if things are working. 4. Once a month she and I will review her portfolio based on agreed upon performance standards. 5. She is going to build her financial network-currently she has none. She is a successful retired middle manager and has good information to share with other successful investors as well as learn from them. 6. She is going to seek a fee only advisor and move away from a fee for assets under management. 7. She is going to have fun again and celebrate her hard work and knowledge she has demonstrated in the cash flow game! I will tell you more in a later post about some of the questions I used to help her on her journey. Have a great day. Steve

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