Executive Coaching Retreat Overview

Clients love to come to Colorado for my Executive Coaching Retreat-Great weather, fabulous mountain scenery and the serenity to put together a sound strategy for financial independence. The past two days were spent coaching a woman in her fifties with a mid-six figure portfolio. She currently is with Merrill Lynch but is not comfortable with the relationship-the ongoing dialogue and clear direction is not there. Let me share with you some of the touch points we covered because they truly are universal. 1. She complained that her broker and she had agreed on when to take profits in various stocks-but the discussion on when to sell if the stocks went South never happened. 2. When various stocks and mutual funds were underperforming her broker did not call with suggestions for improvement. 3. There is no clear financial exit strategy for the client. No modeling and no discussion of options. 4. The broker gets a management fee whether her portfolio incurs gains or losses. 5. There is no relationship, built on trust and mutual respect, between the woman and her broker. Ouch!! Does any of this sound familiar? Tomorrow, I’ll share with you some specifics we covered to put this woman and her portfolio on the road to financial success. But for now a little more sun and fun in the Rockies!

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