Father Knows Best-Just Ask Him

The New York Times reports that Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” has now been on the best seller list for 260 weeks! Not bad for a guy who hears two voices. His advice was so succinct and on the bleeding edge that he has subsequently published 10 additional books…For clarification! Regardless if you like the guy or not it really comes down to one thing-has he helped you on your journey to financial freedom? If he has that’s fabulous and keep up the good work. By the way according to Kioyosaki-people who are flipping real estate right now are really stupid. He’s currently in love with oil and gold. For those who disagree with Kiyosaki and his pearls of wisdom he says: “The world is full of critics, and I ask those critics, “Have you sold 20 million copies of a book so far? Are you a multimillionaire?” By the way, don’t ever ask him if there really were a rich daddy and a poor daddy-he looses all humor šŸ™‚

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