Financial Planning with Domain Names

Buying and selling domain names can be a lucrative part of your financial planning. Particularly, for those who need to catch up in the cash flow game. I like this financial planning strategy for a couple of key reasons: it takes very little cash and all it takes from you is some thought and creativity! Whether you are an individual or small business there is plenty of room for all players. General Motors tells its viewers of its TV commercials to “Google Pontiac”-great idea but Mazda bought the words “Pontiac” and “Pontiac Solstice”. I know there are many of you who have purchased domain names and are waiting for the big dog to come along and offer you $2 Million for the domain name-right? Here’s food for thought. If you believe you have a winner put up a “one page” site. Include some Articles on the subject and some Google ads to generate cash flow. It will get you in the search engine directories and hopefully make you some money while you wait. Let me know of your successes and I will post the best/most clever here. Good luck!

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