Free Coffee at Starbucks Today

Hurry to your Starbucks today. Between 10am and noon coffee is free at Starbucks. It’s only coffee that is free, not all those fancy drinks that I can’t pronounce. Even though I do more than my fair share to help the price of Starbuck’s stock I guess it’s OK that they are doing the free thing today!! Enjoy!

Steve Mertz
Starbucks Big Spender

2 Responses to “Free Coffee at Starbucks Today”

  1. Seattle Simplicity says:

    I just returned from SBUX with a steaming hot cuppa joe. This is a real promotion, folks! Only one hour left – go get yours!

  2. FreeThinker says:

    Could this be an attempt to hook the few remaining people who have not yet tried SBUX?

    Like the saying goes, “The first one’s free.”

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