Generational Poverty

As we all struggle with the horror of Katrina and open our hearts and wallets I’m struck by our extreme failure of teaching prosperity to many of our citizens. Right now is not the time to attack this-we first have to stabilize peoples lives but one of our priorities needs to be teaching prosperity and the basic rules of the money game. If ever there was a good reason for mandatory financial education in the school system-Louisiana and Mississippi are shining examples of the need. It’s criminal not to teach the young generation the basic rules of the game and give them the tools to believe and succeed. As I stated earlier now is not the time but should be one of our top priorities.

Because we have a problem teaching prosperity to our own citizens you can see the real problem in Iraq. It really does come down to the have and have nots. We can’t teach prosperity and money tools overnight and that is going to be one of the huge challenges of the area! Don’t forget to give and give often to the Red Cross.

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  1. D. says:

    Steve- I couldn’t agree with you more! In addition we must adjust the welfare mentality, elevate level of personal pride in a well-honed work ethic and teach a few relationship skills along the way. I hope some of these hurricane victims can view this massive outpouring of generosity as a hand UP, not a hand OUT. God bless all the volunteers who are out there making a superb effort while so many recipients are doing nothing but complaining.

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