Go Big or Go Home!

I was reading an article in the Denver Post about student loan debt to the tune of $115,000! That’s some serious debt. In return Kristen Daniels recently graduated Summa Cum Laude from Seattle University School of Law. The point of the article was the fact that she spent $3 bucks a day at Starbucks on Latte’s and according to the articles math is was going to cost her $4,154 when repaid over 10 years. I have to agree with the conclusion of the article: where else can you occupy a table for 2 hours for $3 and still graduate with honors? I’m banking that she will come from a mind frame of prosperity and make that money many times over. Have a great day!

2 Responses to “Go Big or Go Home!”

  1. FMF says:

    A true example of David Bach’s latte factor (literally)! What if she had invested that $3 per day — where would she be in 30 years?

  2. Steve Mertz says:

    Well FunSeeker-I don’t know about 30 years but…2yrs ago sbux could be bought at $24.00+ and today it’s trading @ $54+ opportunities are usually pretty close to us!

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