God Wants You…To Be Really Rich!

This according to Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen in their new book “Cracking the Millionaire Code”. Paul Brown gives an excellent review on the book in Sunday’s New York Times . The book does have four main themes that the authors should have stuck with and explored in depth. Those are: 1. Discover what you are best at. 2. Finding your most comfortable wealth vehicle. 3. Finding people who can help you achieve that destiny. 4. Discovering and serving the people who could be your customers. That’s it folks!! I have not read this book but if it speaks to you please read it and prosper from it. I’m like others in that we would like to see some new ideas. I would add this last thought, a friend of mine who writes books very similar to this, just received a Million Dollar advance for his book. The publishers really control a lot of the books that we see in the stores-new ideas or not!

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