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I like using Blogger cuz it’s free and relatively straight forward for someone technically challenged like myself. However a week ago my posts would not show up, so I let them know. Four days went by and I never heard anything-I know it’s free but for all of you FunSeekers who are using Blogger-just a heads up. The best thing to do is to go to Google Groups and join the Blogger Help Group. If you ask your question nicely and include your site address they usually will provide you an answer. Again, I encourage you to be very polite when expressing your problem-it is a free service. More food for thought: If you ever were to move to typepad or others you might want to think about your domain name etc.. Good luck and enjoy the journey!

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  1. FANLESS says:

    You probably have been made aware of this, but the first place you should check when blogger goes wonky is their status page located here:

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