Great Starbucks Moment

I’m in the middle of getting my website up for speaking and I snuck over to Starbucks for a little break. I ran into a buddy of mine who has been a real estate agent for the last 20 years here in Denver. He’s done well and the Denver market has done well generally speaking. We got around to talking about Cash Flow and Retirement. I asked him if real estate was his primary vehicle for his Financial Exit Strategy-he said no, it is the stock market! The surprised look must have been obvious because he said he was looking at some investments. You know me, I like to see folks invest in what they sell to others. He went on to say that he had been with a Merrill broker for the past 15 years and that he felt his broker had him diversified fairly well-translated, my growth returns almost match an index fund. I mentioned to him that in 1999 when I took our retirement account to $1.2 Million that it was concentrated and paid no interest or dividends but I knew that changes would have to be made for monthly cash flow! He said he felt monthly income was a good idea but he needed growth. I mentioned most people don’t mysteriously turn growth into income overnite. He said you can’t ever know how much you need in retirement-I said, at the end of the day would you rather have a $2 Million dollar growth portfolio or one that threw off an average of 5%??? He’s fifty something and his portfolio still doesn’t throw off enough in dividends to buy our Starbucks!! You can have growth and income. More on this later.

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