Here’s a Great Summer Job

Adam Fisher was between jobs nine years ago-a sharp guy who had graduated with a physics degree from Harvard and a master’s degree in music from Juilliard! He found a company in New York called Advantage Testing Inc. a test preparation firm. His tutorials cost $375 to $425 an hour. He says he consistently raises SAT scores by more than 200 points and achieves similar results in graduate school exams! Wow. He now earns over $100,000 a year and says he tutors for three reasons: he wants to be able to live comfortably in the city, he wants time to practice and perform his music and, most important, he loves to teach. Who said teachers are underpaid? I love his passion and how it generates cash flow. He says: “My job is not to teach a student the trick to getting a high score; my job is getting a student to make the knowledge theirs so it becomes part of them.” Great Job Adam!!

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