Here’s a Neat Cash Flow Idea!

I came across this site called Tricks of the Trade-The brain child of Matthew Baldwin. It caught my eye immediately because it has a Google Page Rank of 7 and the blog asks you to submit your best idea/trick of your profession and let’s you know that it will be used on the blog as well as an upcoming book!

Pretty Cool idea-The blog can be collecting best ideas from Public Speakers, Propeller Heads and Brain Surgeons!! I would give a big shout out to this creative individual-I see big cash flow headed Matthew’s way. Here’s the link to the site: Tricks of the Trade. It raises the perennial question of :Why Do You Blog?” Is is therapy, increase your business efforts,Cold hard cash or…???

On an unrelated matter: Does anyone know of a Personal Finance Blog that has A Google Page Rank of 7? I’ve seen 6’s but never a 7-Is that the glass ceiling?

Steve Mertz
Clever Cash Flow Idea!!

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2 Responses to “Here’s a Neat Cash Flow Idea!”

  1. Tim MMF says:

    Sounds like a relatively quick and easy way to get a book together. Smart move. PR7 is nice…

  2. Steve Mertz says:

    I agree-I like his straight forward approach and the GPR of 7-Yeah, I’m envious 🙂

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