Honey, We’re Killing the Kids

I was listening to this TV show last night while doing some work. It was about obese parents who were passing the tradition on to their two obese children. It got me thinking about how terrible money habits and financial ignorance gets passed on to future generations.

Fortunately, this show featured a nutrionist/psychologist who went to the families home on a weekly basis and laid down the law. She brought structure to their eating, exercising and house duties. She also gave the parents a glimpse into their children’s future if they did not change their ways-it was ugly, the two boys would die early after suffering from obesity related ailments.

Imagine if you had a financial advisor who made weekly house calls to get you and your family into a sustainable financial routine. The weekly visits could be scaled back to monthly and then hopefully quarterly check-ups. For some, this would be a financial savior. The parents ignorance about money could be prevented from being passed on to future generations. Unfortunately, reality then slaps me in the face and I’m thinking this is not going to happen…Unless we could bring financial teaching into our school system.

The financial education needs to start in grade school and with any luck the kids could get help with their homework from their parents. The parents might realize just how ignorant they are without feeling threatened. The school could then offer free support classes to parents who wanted to further their learning-a convoluted route to ignorant parents? Yes, but what we are doing now isn’t working so why not let our children be the agents of financial change?

There are few parents who don’t want a better life for their children-many just don’t have the skills to help their children on this financial journey.

Steve Mertz
Children Are Our Financial Future!

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  1. Spider63 says:

    Fat kids are sick and they need help. Growing up obese is like a death sentence. Obesity needs to be treated like a serious illness.

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