How Can I Compete Against Google?

Google gets an incredible number of applicants every week and there seems to be no end in sight for the top quality talent they are attracting. Lately, when I’m working with business clients a variation of the question comes up or just plain envy. First off, most employers can’t compete with Google and all the magic around the company but there are many ways to attract great employees to your venture. A former Enron employee made the following comments: “We may have been a little overcompensated, but we worked our tails off every single day.” “There was so much fun, so much camaraderie among us. At that time in my life I felt like I could do almost anything.”
Regardless of Enron’s tainted past she really hit the nail on the head. Decent compensation, camaraderie and a feeling of importance and being needed goes a long way for any company. As a company are you winning this game-ask your employees!

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