How I Generate & Track Stock Ideas

When I speak with audiences about winning the money game the question invariably comes around to “what stock would you buy now.” While I’m no longer a registered Investment Advisor I still have opinions on where investors might look for ideas. On 10/02/2004
I compiled a list of stocks and some mutual funds for my model portfolio- you can view it here. I built a Million dollar portfolio just as I advise my audiences. It let’s you test your theories, your research and your gut feeling. So far my $1 Million is now worth $1,285,814.20 In real life-I’d take those returns. Feel free to peruse my portfolio and see if you can get any ideas for your portfolio. I started with an overall theme-Oil was going higher. Shipping companies would do well and dividends would continue to gain favor. I checked the fundamentals and then consulted Investors Business Daily for my favorite 50 day moving average. Please note, I haven’t sold anything but in real life the rule is : If it falls 8% below where I purchased it, it’s sold, no questions asked. I know the portfolio is concentrated and not diversified. I will continue to put portfolios like this together for you to review now and again and would encourage you to do the same. Remember-If you can’t visualize it you can’t materialize it!

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  1. Steve Mertz says:

    thanks-I learned that 8% rule the real hard way. Have you used Investors Business daily to help? Good Luck, Steve

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