I hope you break your leg tomorrow-One of the Nicer Comments I received Yesterday

The commenter went on to say:
“and that some vet decides that your life is not worth saving.

Gutless dog of a man.” And that was one of the nicer comments I received yesterday when I said: “I love the spirit, courage and dignity of the Kentucky Derby winner, Barbaro.” That would of been a good place to stop but I felt the need to qualify my statement by saying: “I know it’s only a horse but I admire courage in any form.” Bad Idea!!

Since some of my speaking engagements are to those with serious disabilities I didn’t want individuals to think that I was minimizing their struggle-truth is…Even individuals with serious disabilities are hoping and praying for Barbaro to have a miraculous recovery. Barbaro has become a national symbol for courage.

The New York Times has an article today: We Care. But Why Do We Care So Much? They are much more eloquent than me and conclude with this observation: “Perhaps the real miracle-the one that matters to all of us, whether we know it or not- is that so many of us are still capable of caring so much.”

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