Is $15 an Hour Good Cash Flow?

A few days ago I placed an add in Craiglist and on my blog for Blog Help Needed. I immediately started getting responses from Denver, San Diego and India to name a few-the power of the net is incredible. I didn’t know if $15 an hour was fair or not but I guess it’s all relative.

I was reading an article today in the Wall Street Journal talking about Day Traders in India-Yes, day traders are back. In the article they talked to a gentlemen who was making $6 a day selling engine parts for ships. He quit and now day trades with a target daily goal of $10 a day! So far he’s made it and has been able to increase the quality of life for his family. Capitalism is alive and well! Special thanks to the individual who added an RSS subscribe feed, an add to Technorati Favorites and an email subscription form to my blog!!

Steve Mertz
World Prosperity Is a Great Goal!

2 Responses to “Is $15 an Hour Good Cash Flow?”

  1. Canadian Capitalist says:

    Maybe I should charge you more next time 🙂

  2. Steve Mertz says:

    Thanks for the great job! You mean less don’t you 🙂

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