Is Financial Success A Choice?

One of my favorite Personal Finance books has always been The Power of Focus by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Les Hewitt. So, I jumped at the chance to interview Jack Canfield when I was doing a series of CD’s on financial success. I was intrigued on why more individuals with disabilities were not financially successful. I asked him what he felt was the #1 human characteristic which allows individuals to succeed when a profile says they won’t or shouldn’t succeed. His answer was applicable to all of us-disability or not. He stated” I feel the main characteristic was the willingness to choose success and act in complete alignment with that choice-with absolute perseverance!” He went on to tell me about a friend of his who was having a tough year financially. His friend who has no visible disability told him that: “All of my life I’ve made fun of those who taught abundance. I said they were materialistic and didn’t care. But what I’m coming to realize is that I really want all of those same things but deep down I don’t believe that I have it within me to create it.” It led me to the conclusion that our disability is whatever we perceive it to be. You can hear a preview of my conversation with Jack Canfield here.

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