I’ve been playing with the bank’s money

Most of my wealthiest clients have “played with the bank’s money” to achieve financial independence. You can too-Lisa Van Deusen arrived in the states from Vietnam with her parents in 1978. Lisa, now 31, and her husband have accumulated property worth $5 million, with 40 percent equity. Read more about Lisa and others in CNN’s current series Getting Rich in America. Here’s the link : http://money.cnn.com/2005/04/07/pf/getrich_0505/index.htm It’s a story that many of you are repeating right now as this written. I have never been a big fan of using equity in your home for paying off stuff! But, if you are using it to increase your cash flow…That’s a different story. Remember when you bought your first house? Location, Location, Location..You probably had your realtor run comps, thoroughly researched the neighborhood, maybe even paid an inspector to find any hidden traps. Like many, you most likely had good advice from a realtor or other trusted professional, Right? I know that you bring that same due diligence and effort into your stock & mutual fund selection because you would not accept anything less of yourself! You all know the real estate gig-little if any money down and you use that tremendous leverage to build wealth. So, we won’t beat that horse because tomorrow I will share with you some of the most successful investors I have seen make this work in the stock and bond market. Achieving financial success while playing with the bank’s money. You may also want to peek at USA Today and their series on Financial Diet-here’s the link : http://www.usatoday.com/money/front.htm Put some humor in your week and Enjoy!

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