Jump Starting Your Cash Flow

Many of you have asked me what I did to Jump Start my Cash Flow after my divorce. So, here are some things that are working for me. Run a cash flow statement of where I was- a good helping site is http://moneycentral.msn.com/home.asp , and is free. In addition to speaking I have expanded to consulting and some coaching for multiple streams of income. I focus more on Dividend paying stocks for the core of my investments and also have a trading portfolio for short term opportunities. In addition, I am in the process of writing a book that focuses on the processes of successful cash flow. As you can see I’m a huge believer in Multiple Streams of Income. I know I have some ground to make up and am being very proactive in the process. One thing that I always check frequently is my attitude and self talk-Have you ever noticed it’s all good when your investment strategy is working and you are making a bundle. But what happens when the tide turns-that’s when I reinforce my attitude by listening to Keith Harrell http://www.super-fantastic.com/ I can’t help but feel better and move on after listening to Keith-He’s a great motivator and one I highly recommend. What’s working for you?

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