Mamma’s don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Buffaloes

Today is graduation at my adopted Alma Mata, The University of Colorado, Boulder. When I went there we didn’t have a slush fund for hookers helping to recruit football players and their was no under age drinking-Yeah Right!I had a flash back to a real estate class I was taking. The Prof was telling us how we could make millions buying rental income in Boulder. Was he talking to me? I had to wait to be successful-after graduation-after I got established. Years later I was talking to a psychologist about high achievers-their thought process was different than mine. I was waiting for the Perfect Thought, the Perfect Opportunity and the Perfect Time…It never comes! JZ, the rap star, was asked in an interview if he ever imagined that a poor black man from the projects could have ever imagined his success. He paused and said “I would have asked you how“. That ladies and gentlemen is the Attitude of Financial Success. I read a cool article in the Wall Street Journal on 5/3/05. College students were selling T-Shirts on the net to supplement their income-some are making a couple of thousand dollars a month-Rock On! Check out the site:

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  1. "d" says:

    NOW…NOW is the PERFECT TIME! That’s what we have to start thinking!

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