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Tom Peters had the following comment about the home page : “How anyone could think this is great marketing is beyond me. It represents the worst of clutter culture, where the customer is so overwhelmed by noise that nobody (except Alex Tew) can possibly get something out of it.” Really….Here is the best comment: Glad you post your thoughts here, but really disappointed about your take on it! Your views are sooooooo 2005.
There is a lot to be learned from this students activity, especially from a marketeers perspective:
1) Reading this students daily Blog is a fascinating study in HOW TO BREAK THROUGH THE MEDIA CLUTTER YOU DESCRIBE with no Buget: This guy got press coverage that you probably have not had since you wrote your first book.
2) The page itself is a great device to learn WHAT STANDS OUT, and WHY – because it is so cluttered.
3) I am sure, this was a great investment for most advertisers. If you go to you can track the hits of all advertisers and see with your own eyes that most of the advertisers pages had a stunning rise in their hit rates, ever since he started with his project in 2005.
So Tom – here is my advice to you: Don´t just try to encourage us readers to go through the world with open eyes and a positive attitude. Start living it (again) yourself.
Oliver Fritsch
Sometimes, even Tom gets it wrong.

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  1. Joshua K says:

    It’s amazing. I feel almost the same way with Mr Fritsch. I thought it was pure genius and the press has been remarkable. While cluttered, the student did take a new nab at something, and definitely succeeded. To me, more than anything else, it was a reminder that the right idea and supporting action can put me where I want to be. Hats off to Alex!

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