Money Camp for Kids

According to Bankrate, a growing number of parents are shipping their kids off to programs that focus more on economics and budget than archery and crafts! I wish that families that had money issues would bring in a coach but this is one alternative.

This camp would not probably be high on a kids list but the concept of a money camp is growing in popularity. Sherry Rhoades is a financial planner and is introducing Millionaire Kids Camp this summer. She says: “Being a financial planner, I’ve worked with people for many years,” says Rhoades. “It’s frustrating to me that so many of them don’t have basic knowledge. At their age, it’s hard to change their habits after they have developed problems with credit. I decided that teaching kids when they are young is the only way to go.” As you might imagine, these camps are not cheap but some are offering tuition grants for kids that are gifted with limited resources. I still think this should be a mandatory class in the regular school system-but at least people are taking notice!!
Here’s a link to the article.
I have also mentioned this beofre in Honey,We’re Killing the Kids! and here
Personal Finance for Kids.

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